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Mel B: "Spice Girls reunion will happen one day"

Songstress Mel B is going to make the Spice Girls reunion happen "one day".

The star hopes that she'll be able to perform with her former bandmates again in the near future.

Mel hinted that the others might not be so keen on the idea though.

Speaking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' the singer revealed: ''I'd love to do it. I'm going to make it happen one day. I'm hoping in the next year or two, when everyone's cleared their diary a little bit. I'm hoping.''

She added: ''They're going to kill me for this. I'm saying it but I have to go and ask them all. I'm in so much trouble.''

The Spice Girls reunited for a one-off performance at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony in 2012. Mel is hoping to re-visit her glory days in the band.

She explained: ''We had so much fun, we rehearsed for two weeks. We had like a crèche for all our kids. It was just nice to be back together. We've know each other for 20 years now and we support each other in everything we do, which I think is really important and really nice.

She continued: ''I haven't [been on stage] just me in many, many years and now I'm putting myself back out there. I've kind of been inspired by doing 'America's Got Talent,' you get to watch people perform every single week and it's really uplifting and you know what, I want to do music again.''






Watch the Spice Girls perform at the Olympics here: