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Dappy from N-Dubz is going solo

Just a day after the confirmation came that N-Dubz's Tulisa has been signed up as a judge for the UK's new season of X Factor, her bandmate Dappy revealed he will record a solo album. 

The 23-year-old singer and rapper told The Daily Star that now is the perfect time to branch out and develop his own career:

"There’s gonna be a Dappy solo album. There’s been N-Dubz and we’ve just done a massive arena tour, but the next thing is my solo album. It’s gonna be a big thing full of mental chart smashes."

He added that his debut solo single, 'No Regrets', will come out in September and also praised Tulisa, explaining that she will make a fantastic judge on the popular talent show:

"She’ll bring rawness, bluntness. She’s the closest thing to Simon Cowell on the panel. If you are crap, she’ll tell you you’re crap.” 

Watch a recent interview with Dappy here: