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Sarah Harding on Cheryl Cole's success: 'It's down to pot luck'

Girls Aloud songstress Sarah Harding has revealed that being part of a group means that there will always be a few members that are more successful than others when trying to launch a solo career.

Harding has recently been recording original material for her own debut album and told Now magazine that she hopes to follow in the footsteps of bandmate Cheryl Cole although she can't seem to understand why she became famous in her own right so quickly:

"I reckon it's down to pot luck... Cheryl was lucky and you have to take time into consideration - she was doing The X Factor, which helped to promote her as an individual."

When asked if she would consider a role on a TV talent show if something similar was offered to her, the 'Something New' star added: "If it was a music talent show, then I'd love to."

"Whenever The X Factor is on, I always find myself shouting at the TV: "He shouldn't have been given that song," or "she was flat there." I'm a bit critical, but obviously I would be nice too!"




Watch Harding talk about Girls Aloud here: