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5SOS's lyric video director: 'The red-headed girl they save in the clip was inspired by the band's fans'

Australian pop-rockers 5 Seconds Of Summer recently unveiled their comic book-themed lyric video for new single 'Don't Stop' and the video's director, Sophia Ray, has now opened up about the cool concept. 

Speaking to MTV News, she explained that in the promo clip the heartthrobs save a red-headed girl who represents their entire fanbase and they created this storyline to work alongside their anti-bullying effort that was launched in support of member Ashton Irwin's sister, who was getting picked on at school:

"She was inspired by the fanbase that the guys have. We wanted her to signify all of their fans — all the people that they’re serving through this anti-bullying campaign.”

Ray added that the members each picked their own superhero names: "We thought it was quite a nice, positive touch going down the superhero route. Calum said he wanted to be ‘CalPal’ because everyone loves Calum and thinks he’s really outgoing and he can sort of charm anyone."

The video in question has now passed 1 million views and they shared a post on their collective Twitter page, in which they thanked followers for the support: ""Can't believe the don't stop video has 1 million views already, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!? DO YA DO YA DO YA?"

Watch the lyric video for 'Don't Stop' below: