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Alexandra Burke hasn't seen 'X Factor' mentor Cheryl Cole in a year: 'It fizzled out'

Singer Alexandra Burke has revealed that she no longer keeps in contact with her 'X Factor' mentor, Cheryl Cole.

Speaking to British newspaper The Mirror, Burke confessed that she never fell out with the 'Promise This' superstar and neither one deleveoped ill feelings towards each other so it feels like their relationship just 'fizzled out':

"I haven’t spoken to Cheryl in over a year – I haven’t seen her, or heard from her. We’ve never had an argument or a ‘moment’ or anything – when I see her it’s always fine, just a quick ‘Hi, how are you?’."

“Our relationship just fizzled out, I guess. But, as you know, I always wish her well. Having said that, I can’t sugar-coat s***.The truth of the matter is, we just don’t speak. But when I see her, I see her."





Watch Burke perform live in New York recently here: