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Ariana Grande defends Miley Cyrus: 'People are so cruel and are bullying her'

Songstress Ariana Grande has spoken out in defense of fellow former child starlet Miley Cyrus and admitted that people need to stop giving her such a hard time. 

During a new interview with Complex magazine, the beauty explained that she's sick of the public slamming Cyrus for wearing revealing outfits and for doing nothing more than simply growing up in the spotlight:

"Miley looks like she is having the time of her life, and I think anybody who's giving her a hard time is wishing deep down they were having as much fun as she is right now."

"People are being so cruel. I think that's bullying, and she should do whatever the hell she wants. Everybody needs to have more fun. If it's not your taste, don't look at it. I get so hyped up about the Miley thing because I think she's cool."

Grande, meanwhile, recently confessed that she plans to write songs about her new boyfriend Nathan Sykes, of The Wanted fame, because their relationship is very inspiring to her: "You best believe I'm going to be writing about him! I'm always going to be as honest I want to be. Music is the greatest form of self-expression. I'm the happiest I've ever been and I'm learning a lot of lessons from this relationship."






Watch her newly released music video for 'Right There' below:


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