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Austin Mahone on his debut album: 'I don't want to rush it and put out a single that doesn't do well'

Singer Austin Mahone has addressed the delay on his upcoming album and confessed that he simply doesn't want to put out a single that won't do well just to satisfy demand. 

A fan of Mahone's posted a tweet about the fact that he's yet to release an album and wrote: "Waiting for Austin's album is getting old and honestly at this point I think it's seriously hurting his career."

Upon seeing the message, the heartthrob explained that he agrees with her completely, but doesn't want to rush new material for the sake of having a release date because he wants to give his followers music that he's geniunely proud of:

"I understand where you're coming from because I feel the same exact way. But at the same time I don't wanna rush it and then put out a single that doesn't do well. Because you're only as big as your last record. So I wanna take time to make sure."

He added: "Trust me theres nobody in this world more impatient than me and I wanna get this album out already. Real Mahomies will be patient with me."

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Watch his video for 'Waiting For This Love' below: