"I Kissed a Boy" host Dannii Minogue reveals all about the new BBC Three series

The ground-breaking show celebrates the queer community and invites all viewers to join the party

[Published: May 2, 2023]

Q&A with Dannii Minogue


BBC Three

Tell us what I Kissed A Boy is all about?
Ten gay guys on a holiday of a lifetime, in their search for that perfect date. It is sexy and romantic and these connections could lead them to their perfect partner.

What makes this show different from other dating shows?

It is the first ever gay dating series in the UK! The guys are paired up with help from the IKAB Matching team. The first time they meet, they will kiss. Then it is time to get to know the person they kissed and why they were teamed up together. If you have ever been clubbing, spotted someone you were attracted to like a magnet, kissed, and then got to know them - this is it, but with a little help from me and the I Kissed A Boy love matching team.

Why did you want to be the host of this show?

I have had the privilege of being involved with the LGBTQ+ community for many years. I am a staunch ally, and in return I have always been welcomed with support that always feels like a huge hug. It is an honour to host this show and flex my muscles as fairy godmother/cupid in helping these gorgeous humans in their search for love. When dating fatigue sets in and you are tired of swiping right, or you have not had the opportunity to meet enough potential dates - Mama Minogue is here to help.

Who is your LGBTQ+ icon and why?

I love so many LGBTQ+ icons that Iive loud and proud, and I have huge respect for those that offer a helping hand to the next generation. Ru Paul has created a massive landscape to uplift (and normalise) drag - and I think the world is a better place for that. Layton Williams who I first knew in BBC’s Beautiful People - I recorded a song for the soundtrack for Beautiful People with my sister - and have followed his career since. And my very own bestie, Ian Masterson, who I have worked with musically for many years, and he has given not only my life a soundtrack, but many others - I am so proud of the song he wrote and produced for the theme tune for I Kissed A Boy!

Courtney Act - I actually missed her entry to Aussie TV in Australian Idol, as I was living in London, but she has carved a huge career internationally and her book Caught In The Act is a must read. Deni Todorovic, who is a non-binary activist has taught me so much in the space of gender freedom.

What would be your top dating tips?

Number one is eye contact - try to jump into that person by looking deep into their eyes. Body language - be open to meeting someone new. Connect with great chat - try and make the other person feel comfortable and at ease, try to get to know them, and let them in on something about you that they may not know - conversation is vital.

Without any major spoilers, did you have any highlights from filming you can recall?

Where do I start! The incredible setting of Italy, our romantic Masseria, the bubbling nerves of the boys meeting, the connections they made with each other, and having a perfect couture outfit to pop on for every moment. I will never forget dancing with the boys poolside!

Why is this show so important for the LGBTQ+ community?

It is the first chance for gay dating to be seen on UK TV in the reality genre. It was far too long that calls for this type of show fell on deaf ears. I am so proud of TwoFour and BBC Three for making this happen. The door is now wide open and the possibilities now there for inclusion.

What can viewers expect when they tune in?

Get ready for something new. This is gay dating in reality, with so much heart and soul. It will be an education and a surprise.


Get ready for the UK’s first ever gay dating show, where the path to love is never straight. It’s loud, it’s proud…and it all starts with a kiss.

Fly in pop icon Dannii Minogue to play Cupid, and it’s the party you do not want to miss. 10 single guys are matched up, and meet for the first time… with a kiss. No small talk. No messages. Just one kiss to test out their chemistry straight away. Will it be a polite peck? Or a passionate snog? And ultimately, will that first kiss lead to love?

I Kissed a Boy is packed with explosive drama, gripping cliffhangers and powerful untold stories - from coming out in a strict religious family, to the pressures of body image in the gay dating scene, to navigating self-acceptance, sex and first same sex relationships.

Serving joy, entertainment and a sparkling soundtrack full of gay anthems, I Kissed a Boy is the ground-breaking show that will celebrate the queer community and invites all viewers to join the party.

I Kissed A Boy launches on Sunday 14 May at 9pm on BBC Three.

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