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Boy George: 'Ed Sheeran and Adele are probably the only real organic artists left'

Iconic music star Boy George has revealed that the state of modern music is disappointing, but there are still artists to look up to and mentioned Ed Sheeran and Adele as examples of 'organic' acts. 

During an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, he explained that he believes Adele and Ed Sheeran are the "probably the only real organic artists" left because most other people are either manufactured or too focused on being famous. 

Boy George said: "Everything is quite formulaic now, it's almost like we all know the way it works. Back in the '70s we all believed there was a wizard behind the curtain."

"The bean-counters (accountants and businessmen) hadn't quite worked out what the formula was so artists were allowed to invent themselves, reinvent themselves, make it up as they went along. There were no hard-and-fast rules."

He added: "I don't like being called a celebrity. To be a celebrity you don't really necessarily have to do very much. You can be quite pretty, gobby or a car crash. To be an artist you have to have some ability and something to say. I'm not even making any judgment about those people because I like it, I enjoy it like everybody else does. But for me there is a definite, definite difference between David Bowie and Kim Kardashian. Let's just get that clear."

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