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Demi Lovato on Simon Cowell: 'You can't come to America from England and make fun of us'

American beauty Demi Lovato has opened up about her working relationship with X Factor mogul Simon Cowell and explained that although he often teases her she likes to give back a bit of attitude.

Speaking to US Weekly, the 'Skyscraper' beauty admitted that Cowell has a habit of saying what he wants without thinking of the consequences, but luckily she is able to laugh at his abrupt British sense of humour and can keep up with him:

"I love messing with him. He's really funny and I have a lot of fun working with him. But someone has to put him in his place. I mean — you can't come to the United States from England and make fun of all of us! I have to stand up for my country."

She also discussed the new album that she's been in the studio working on and added that it's going to be full of "real music" and a step away from the electronica and dance sounds that are popular at the moment:

"I'm bringing the sound of real music back. I think Adele does a great job — they are catchy pop songs, but it's real music and there are instruments. I want to bring a lot of that back."

"There's going to be some fun, light-hearted songs with kind of a throwback sound. But I say one thing and then I spend like a month in the studio and it ends up being totally different, so I don't know."




Watch Cowell tease Lovato about her blossoming friendship with One Direction's Niall Horan here: