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Reese Witherspoon: 'I wanted to be Dolly Parton when I grew up'

Actress Reese Witherspoon has revealed that her main aspiration when she was younger was to become Dolly Parton. 

She made the confession during a chat with InStyle magazine and explained that she once refused to join in with a sports game at school because she was convinced that she would grow up to be like the "Jolene" legend:

"When I was probably five years old, I wanted to be Dolly. I was skipping around the blacktop at school by myself, and my P.E. teacher said, 'Why aren’t you playing the game (with the other kids)?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to play the game because, Ms. Wright, I’m going to be Dolly Parton when I grow up'."

Dolly Parton, meanwhile, also spoke about growing up to WENN and admitted that she is constantly worried that she will run out of time as there are still so many things she wants to do:

"Sometimes I feel like 300-years-old and sometimes I feel like I'm just about 20 and I feel like I did when I first went to Nashville. But I'm just thinking I'm gonna run out of time. There's so much I still want to do. I keep thinking, 'Don't think like that. Just do it! Just work like you're 16! In fact I wrote a song called I'm 16 and it's on my new Pure and Simple album."

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Watch Parton performing alongside Pentatonix below:


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