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Ed Sheeran denies social networking star status

Ed Sheeran has moved to deny the idea that he's only famous because of social networking websites.

The singing star told the Daily Star that the claims are rubbish, and proclaimed that it's only "old people" who can't use the websites that think his fame is internet based.

Whilst he does admit that he does indeed have a lot of fans over the web, he maintains that you need the songs to make an impact. He said:

"It's only old people that don't understand how social sites work who claim I'm some kind of online superstar. Lots of musicians are on Twitter way more than me, so why haven't they gone Top 10 too?"

"People my dad's age are writing about me as if all you need is a YouTube page and you'll be huge. Yes, I interact with fans a lot but I wouldn't have those fans in the first place if they didn't like my songs. The ways to get your music across have changed for everyone and the generation above mine maybe haven't grasped that."




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