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Beth Ditto compares the sex appeal of Lady Gaga and Rihanna, says "there's a lot of porn in pop"

Beth Ditto, frontwoman of Gossip, has revealed that she would love to know why Rihanna is "so sexual".

In a new interview with Time Out London, the passionate singer spoke about the relationship between pop music and sex, and revealed that she thinks the Bajan sensation is one of the frontrunners where marrying the two together are concerned:

"There’s a lot of talk about Rihanna right now and sexuality, like being overly sexual, but I know what it’s like to have people paying attention to you and I think there’s more to her than her public persona. It would be really interesting to ask her about that."

"I try not to judge because maybe she’s having an incredible, expressive sexual moment in her life – a sexual awakening. Maybe she's doing it out of pressure or maybe it is a force? That’s not just me scapegoating, but I would genuinely like to know what she thinks about it."

She also explained that she has a lot of respect for pop icon Lady Gaga because she has gone the opposite route and is "uncredibly unsexual" in how she presents herself, which Ditto feels has more staying power in the music industry as it allows for constant change:




"There is a lot of porn in pop, it’s true, but I really don’t think about it. If it doesn’t really interest me then I just don’t pay attention. There are some really cool things going on, though. That’s why Lady Gaga is so great – because [what she does is] incredibly unsexual. Say what you will about her but my niece is five and she loves her so I think that’s really cool."

Watch Gossip's video for 'Perfect World' below: