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Lauren Jauregui: "This year has been an insane amount of exploration"

Lauren Jauregui took time out on Halloween to talk about her personal development.

Speaking on the The Zach Sang Show, a year after she sat on his sofa with the other Fifth Harmony members, she explained what the new 'Lauren' is like:

”She's brand fucking new!

”This year has been an insane amount of exploration, just getting down deep into my own heart and things I've been through and things I not really talked to myself about.

”I think alot of us kind of like float through life. We get to this point of numbness. We don't know how we got there.

”We're not really feeling as much - that's to say to the good things as much as the bad things. I noticed that when I lost touch of feeling, I lost my artistry and lost myself and what I loved to do 'cos I couldn't get in touch with that anymore as feelings is what fuels it, emotion is what fuels the art. I've just been reconnecting with that, allowing myself to explore the different arranges in my mind.

”The numbness is created as a coping mechanism to all the bombardment that we get in the world that we live in right now.

”We're just constantly asked to be informative, to be present and happy and nice and giving, especially as a woman.

”It's like kind of exhausting after a certain point especially if you're in a montonous cycle where you don't feel heard, you don't feel like you're expressing yourself or you don't feel you have any value to the situation you're in.

”It's easy to succumb to the numbness."

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