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Lorde: 'The way teenagers live is really special and watching that is so interesting'

'Team' hitmaker Lorde has opened up about not being much of a party girl in a new interview with Stella magazine. 

When asked why she has never really acted out, the songstress admitted that she loves to be in the middle of the craziness at events although she prefers to do so as an observer as she really likes to watch people:

"I don’t think it’s discipline as much as just wanting not to miss anything. I would be 14 or 15 and completely sober out of choice at a party, just watching everything. Trying to make sense of every weird thing that happens at a party with 15-year-olds. I knew from really young that that was something I was interested in and that would come out in my art – how my peers are interacting."

Lorde went onto add that there's something special about your teenage years and she wants to remember them with as much clarity as possible: "Because the way teenagers are and the way they live is really special and really different to any other stage in life."

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