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Lorde: 'I'll never go off the rails like Britney Spears or do an Amy Winehouse'

'Royals' songstress Lorde has admitted that despite rising to intimidating levels of international fame so quickly, she doesn't believe it will influence her behaviour as she had a solid upbringing. 

Speaking to Britain's The Sun newspaper, the New Zealand-born hitmaker explained that it's unlikely she'll ever have a public breakdown like Britney Spears or die from a drug or alcohol overdose because she isn't interested in that lifestyle:

"I'll never go off the rails like Britney, or do an Amy, because my upbringing was so normal. I can't touch alcohol at my age and I'm not sure I even want to when I'm older." Lorde went on to say: "Six months ago, no one knew who I was and now fans chase my car. But I'm never going to change or let fame get the better of me."

She then added that she probably won't move across the pond to Los Angeles anytime soon, which is what a lot of stars tend to do in order to further their careers, and actually really dislikes that particular city:

"I don't think I could ever live in Los Angeles. It does something to your soul. The place really infects people - if I stay there for too long I start being a freak. All this is just fantasy land as Lorde."



Watch a new interview with Lorde below:


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