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Louis Tomlinson: "One Direction were special!"

Louis Tomlinson opened up about his debut solo album and world tour yesterday (November 17).

He is "relieved" that his album has a release date and admitted he's "raring to go" on his world tour.

The One Direction star spoke to Hits Radio at their backstage bar after performing at Hits Radio Live 2019 in Manchester

On his new album, Walls, he said:

"It's just a relief! What I was used to in One Direction was an album a year. I feel like it's taken a while.

'I'm really happy and proud where I finished up but just relieved to have the date out there and get close to release.'

When asked if he felt nervous about the world tour, he replied:

"I feel like I've gone through every emotion. I feel like I've just been sat and waiting for this moment for so long, so I'm just raring to go."

When asked if Simon Cowell is going to find another One Direction in The X Factor: The Band, he cheekily replied:

"No chance! No chance! They were a one-off, obviously! They're a one-off!

"I'm sure he'll find some talent but One Direction were special, weren't they."

It's been such a busy week for Louis, as he returned from Mexico where he was doing promo and a festival in which he bumped into Niall Horan.

On Friday (November 15) he helped Children in Need raise almost £50m by performing We Made It live. 

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