AK The Rapper Releases Track List for Long Awaited InsomniAK Mixtape

This week the independent rap artist AK revealed the track list for his long awaited InsomniAK mix-tape debut.

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The debut of AK The Rapper's upcoming mixtape release 'InsomniAK' has garnered much anticipation from fans across the nation. With the release of his new tracklist, the hashtag #InsomniAK has been all but trending across the 50 states. His previous mixtape 'The Abstract Kollection' has brought in just under 20,000 views to this date, and is still growing. In regards to his latest releases AK The Rapper says digital platinum "is nothing but a 100% sure thing" and that he knows this release will fall nothing short of 200,000 downloads. The mixtape is set to be released on soundcloud at exactly 9pm tonight (2014-05-05). 6 tracks of the InsomniAK mixtape have already been pre-released (marked with a * below).

InsomniAK Mixtape Track List

1. )  ”AKA” (Prod. by K Linda)*

2. ) “Celebration” (Prod. by BugSeed)*

3. )  ”Fifty50″ Feat. Means (Prod. by Pete Rock)*

4. ) “Nowadays” (Prod. by Jazz Liberatorz)*

5. ) “Comin’ Up Interlude” (Prod. by NxxxxxS)

6. ) “Drift Away” (Prod. by KiDDZERO)

7. ) “Peace and War” (Prod. by CMR)

8. ) “Ohio Cypher Part 1″ Feat. Means, Nowly, BaDom (Prod. Flying Lotus)*

9. ) “I’m Ill” Feat. Taka Black (Prod. by Tre Smith)

10. ) “BS Interlude” (Prod. by Mr. Smilay)

11. ) “Put My Mind At Ease” (Prod. by Jackel)

12. ) “Sonshine” (Prod. by Siifter)*

13. ) “Fuck It” (Prod. by Tre Smith)

Check out the official music video for AK The Rapper's single AKA below
~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaZWKdNmWP0

Listen now @ http://soundcloud.com/aktherapper/sets/insomniak

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