North Carolina Rapper Ike Ellis Releases Cornbread Inspired Album

Ike Ellis Cornbread coming to iTunes June 17th

Underground rap music has long been the heart and soul of hip hop. It is where legends are born, and where they thrive before they exceed the boundaries of the underground platforms defined by the hierarchy of hip hop. This system was designed to pick the best of the best, moving them from platform to platform until they have reached their talents peak. They can travel no higher in the system and be ranked no higher in the group.

Ike Ellis has gone above and beyond what is expected from the average underground rapper. His style is unadoptable as he said in the record Nothing Is Impossible, which went ten times top 10 on the IBFU Radio airplay charts, peaking at the #1 position. “Super bowl Sunday of 2011, the album title was inspired by the best piece of cornbread I ever had “ says Ike Ellis. Stating of course that it is more about the struggle that piece of cornbread represents, than it is about that piece of cornbread itself.

This album does not intend to provoke a revolution but to provoke a deeper way of thinking. Speaking on many topics like domestic violence which he touched on in his single Better Day, or the means behind his passion for hip hop which he reflected on in his biggest single to this day in Loving You. Both records were also IBFU Radio top 10 ranked singles and have accumulated over 1 million combined views around the web. Just imagine, Loving You is only one of the bonus songs on this 18 song work of art.

You can also expect the latest single Walk Round which is a record, urging others to have self confidence and believe in themselves and what could be Ike Ellis' most personal record yet in That's What The Letter Said, a dedication to his uncle, who is doing 15 years in federal prison. The Cornbread Album is due to be released on June 17th. The track list is already available on iTunes for a sneak peak of the masterpiece.

Watch the 'Cornbread Intro' official music video:
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Watch the 'Loving You' official music video:
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