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Matt Cardle happy to go nude for charity photoshoot

Matt Cardle has suggested that he would pose nude in front of the camera for charity.

The singer, who currently promoting his 2013 record 'Porcelain' on the tour in the UK, told Attitude that he is keen to strip off for the "right cause".

When asked about the possibility going nude, Cardle said: “Yeah, if it came up and it was for the right cause then why not.”

Speaking about losing weight and keeping trim, the X Factor 2010 winner - who was admitted to rehab late last year - added:

“[I’ve been getting in shape] since the end of January, but I don’t go the gym a lot. I skateboard, which keeps me in shape. I think it’s not drinking that has helped to take the weight off.

"It’s a lot to do with how you eat, but the alcohol thing is so important as well. People don’t think about the calories in alcohol."




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