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McFly duo to write children's books

McFly pair Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter have signed a deal to release two kid's picture books.

One of the books, to be released in October, will be called 'The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas'.

The BBC reports that Fletcher said that the plot is "about a boy who gets a dinosaur for Christmas which goes on an unstoppable festive eating rampage until Christmas is gone".

He continued: "The only way to get Christmas back is for the dinosaur to poop it out."

Fletcher added that the idea to pen children's books is born out of a real "passion for writing and reading", with the singer hoping to eventually release a range of books. He said:

"We want people to know that this book comes from a genuine passion for writing and reading and it's hopefully the first of many. We wrote what we found funny, a book we would have loved as kids. And we hope parents will enjoy it just as much as their children."




Watch McFly try their hand at rugby below: