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Nathan Sykes' Over And Over Again hits over 100M Spotify streams

Nathan Sykes' Over And Over Again has reached 100,295,297 Spotify streams at time of writing.

The song, written by English singer-songwriter, Nathan Sykes was released in a solo version in October 2015. It was the second single from his debut solo album, Unfinished Business

Sykes performed the track on The X Factor in November 2015. A remix of the track was made by Elephante

Another version of the song featuring Ariana Grande's vocals which was remixed by Cahill.

Over and Over Again peaked at No. 8 in the UK Singles Chart and No. 16 in the US Adult Contemporary Billboard Chart.

The song also hit the top No. 1 spot in the US Dance Club Songs Billboard Chart

Both the solo and the duet version feature on Unfinished Business.

Speaking about the collaboration Sykes said in December of 2016: "We wrote that song so unbelievably quickly. It all just poured out, and then we recorded it within the day. And that was that, and I was very, very happy with it and I released it in the UK. And then, I was like, 'This would sound just incredible as a duet'.

"I'd previously worked with Ariana on 'Almost is Never Enough'. Having that previous experience working with Ariana - and obviously, you know what an incredible voice she has. Everyone knows that. So, I just reached out. And I was like, 'You fancy singing this song?' She was like, 'Yeah. This is beautiful'.

"It was just a really nice moment. And she went in and killed it.

"I really wanted to include both versions because, from the reaction that I've had, people love both. And to leave one of them off the album would be unfair. So I'm glad they're both coming out."

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