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Liam Payne to people loitering outside of his house: 'I can see you, please go'

Singer Liam Payne, of One Direction fame, has asked the fans that wait around outside of his house to 'go' and spend their time elsewhere because he doesn't like the intrusion upon his already very limited privacy.

Writing on his official Twitter page this evening (June 12), the heartthrob explained that he's sick and tired of people hanging around waiting for a glimpse of him when he leaves and returns to his home: "I can see you say outside please go home or go somewhere and enjoy the sun rather than spending your day watching when I leave my house."

Back in April, the 'You & I' hitmaker shared a similar message again asking followers not to creep outside of his place of residence because it's the only place he can truly relax: "Please don't sit outside my house, it's the one place I get to be myself and not have people taking pictures."

Earlier today, Payne hit 17 million followers on the social networking site and thanked his fans for being interested in what he has to say: "17m people listening to my crap ha ha thank you that's crazy hope I say some useful things aha :D."

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