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1D fan poll reveals that 56% would rather watch their parents have sex than see Zayn quit the band

Sugarscape recently surveyed over 26,000 One Direction fans with a variety of 'Would You Rather' type questions and the results show just how much the boyband means to their devoted followers. 

The heartthrobs have 22.6 million followers on their collective Twitter account, but each member has between 14 million and 23 million followers on their individual pages making them incredibly popular.

The magazine revealed that over half of the people polled would rather fail their A Level exams than stop being a fan of 1D and more than half would risk watching their parents have sex if it meant Zayn Malik would never quit the band.

Music mogul Simon Cowell, who helped create One Direction, recently spoke out in support of them amid persistent split rumoursand admitted that he believes the lads will follow through and continue on together for a long time: 

"Are One Direction going to split up? That's news to me. They're going to stay together. I hear that all the time. I mean they can do what they want but maybe a little bit on the side and stay together."

  • 56% would rather fail their A Levels than not be a One Direction fan.
  • 47% would punch every member of their family in the face rather than every member of One Direction in the face. That's 12,182 people who would would punch their own gran. 
  • 56% would choose to watch their parents have sex once rather than Zayn Malik not be in the band. 
  • 58% would rather never see One Direction again if the alternative was never hearing their music again

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