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One Direction's Harry Styles plays painful prank on Louis Tomlinson

One Direction may be ploughing through dates on their current UK tour, but their hectic schedule hasn't dulled their collective sense of humour. 

In their latest video diary update, the lads cover Louis Tomlinson's mouth with gaffer tape and proceed to wind him up throughout the rest of the clip.

Just before they sign off, floppy-haired prankster Harry Styles reaches behind Tomlinson's head and rips the tape off leaving him screaming in pain:

"Ow! That really hurt! This is real, it does really hurt"

The group are in Bournemouth today, January 3, and explained that the afternoon performance is set to be a particularly special one as it will be filmed for their upcoming official tour DVD. 


Watch the painful moment, which happens just after the 4.50 mark, and the full video diary entry below: