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One Direction's Zayn Malik too scared to meet Johnny Depp

One Direction star Zayn Malik has admitted that he passed up on the chance of meeting actor Johnny Depp because he was "too nervous".

The Hollywood A-lister recently met up with the British boyband and it is said his daughter Lily-Rose received a private performance from the group.

However, Malik was mysteriously absent from the grainy photo which later emerged on the internet - but he says it was all down to nerves. The 'One Thing' man admitted: 

"I was too nervous to go. I am a massive, massive fan and I didn't want to embarrass myself so I let the boys go without me. Hopefully, there will be a next time. The boys said he was totally cool. I kind of regret it for sure and the lads said I was a scaredy cat."

He continued: "Some of our fans get so excited or nervous when they meet us and that's how I was at the thought of being with Johnny. But instead of lapping it up and enjoying it, I ran the other way."




Watch the video for One Direction's 'Little Things' below: