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Over the last four years, Gino Black has definitely elevated his sound as a record producer as well as being deliberate in showcasing his lyrical abilities as a premiere rap artist. In addition to hip-hop/rap music, he also produces electronic dance music, alternative rock and he also composes orchestral and ambient music for film, tv and other media.

On his latest release, Gino Black is full on balls to the wall focused. He has a clear and concise message to his listeners. MOTIVATE. ELEVATE. LEVITATE. CELEBRATE. While he cautions, “Don’t celebrate to soon while your building on success…”; he commands like a drill like a drill sergeant as he instructs us to first MOTIVATE ourselves through internal bravery from within. Then he advises us to ELEVATE ourselves mentally and our circumstances via hard work, sacrifice and discipline. After which point he tells us to “LEVITATE”; and what that means is to rise above the stress, negativity and BS of life. According to Gino Black, “ is ONLY after we have achieved true individual success from our efforts can we CELEBRATE. Celebrating your wins too soon (while in progress) can be a hindrance for additional growth and expansion.”

“LEVITATE” is a very unique record in that it has subtle nuances of peacefulness within the sonics of the production, but at the same time, it quickly and energetically and viscerally livens up and gives the listener a sensation of supercharged battery pack of energy. Listening to “LEVITATE” makes you feel like you can accomplish anything!


Short Artist Bio:

Gino Black is among the vanguard of what he calls ‘exotic cinematic hip-hop’ music’. He is an alternative rap artist and is also a multi-genre producer who creates amazing soundscapes which cause his listeners to have visceral reactions. His songs are driven by hard beats, aggressive lyrics and have atmospheric ambient qualities with very distinct textures. He is also proving to be in touch with his introspective and reflective mind as displayed on his most recent releases, like the sentimental song about his grandmother, “Someday“, his song about his youngest daughter, “Don’t“, his transparent and thought provoking Black History Month anthem, “Black Boy” and the upcoming new single, “A Good Woman“.

In 2021, after a 10 year hiatus from music due to serious health issues, Gino Black made an aggressive return to releasing new music. He has been consistently releasing a slew (40+ songs) of new underground bangers and thought provoking music by way of releasing new single song every month. This course of action began in January 2021 and this method has increased his listeners by ten fold since then.

Gino Black s South Florida based artist/producer, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, has released some very memorable and successful songs over the years. He’s recently been gaining quite a buzz with songs like, “Bullets”, “Take 2 Me”, “Hustle”, “Wonderland”, “Forever Summer”, “Melanated” and the heartfelt dedication to his grandmother, “Someday”. He has been building a solid fanbase as his music maintains an average monthly audience of at least 20,000 listeners. He’s best known for “Esoteric Men”, his collaboration with Cincinnati based artist, Blakk North; which is approaching 200,000 streams. They’ve also made 4 other songs together; which include the monumental, “Esoteric Men“, “Game Changers”, “The Set”, “Stall Me Out”, “Esoteric Men 2” and most recently, “Fake”, as well as the new song “Chapa Ya”; which is a collaboration with Blakk North.

Gino Black has also lit up and has been rapid firing at the underground music scene in 2024 with incendiary smashes like “Don’t Look Back”, “OH MY GAWD”, “Frenzy”, the reflective “Black Boy” and the heartfelt, “A Good Woman”.

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