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Paloma Faith loves cooking: 'It puts a spring in my step'

Songstress Paloma Faith has opened up about the things that make her happy and revealed that she has developed a love for the culinary arts and enjoys being in the kitchen creating exciting dishes and new recipes. 

Speaking to Event magazine recently, the beauty explained that if she wants to get her kicks, she now turns to cooking rather than drinking or getting otherwise intoxicated:

"I don't smoke or drink too much or do drugs so I'm not going down that route but I do find that cooking makes me feel happy. The other day I had people around and I made loads of tapas and they said it was 'restaurant quality' and I swear I've not lost the spring in my step since."

Faith, meanwhile, recently spoke out about Taylor Swift's supposed trademarking of phrases such as 'this sick beat' and admitted that she thinks it's 'pathetic': 

"F*** that! 'This sick beat' is probably something she's stolen from someone else. It's kind of pathetic, if you want my honest opinion. Is she that desperate to stand out from the crowd? With her exclusive phrases? I think it shows a distinct lack of self-confidence."

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