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Paloma Faith: 'Adele and I are both so grounded because of our single parent mothers'

'Picking Up The Pieces' songstress Paloma Faith has revealed that the reason both she and Adele have a fantastic work ethic and strong sense of self is because they are both "the only children of single parent mothers".

In a new interview, Faith explained that they have both managed to stay "grounded" because of the unwavering support and "realistic" advice given to them from their respective matriarchs:

"What me and Adele both have in common, and I know this because I’ve met her mum, is that we’re both the only children of single parent mothers."

"We’ve both been brought up closely under the watchful eye of our mums and we’re lucky to have a really honest person with us at all times. It’s sort of nice to have someone around you that’s realistic and not sycophantic."

"They go 'Actually, you know what you do look weird in that” or “You’re driving yourself into the ground and you need to take some time out'."




She also opened up about her constant need to be creative and added: "I just need constant creative stimulation. The moment I have five minutes off, I’m looking for something to fill it with, that’s just the way I am."

Watch her latest music video below: