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Plan B to shun the spotlight while he works on new album: 'I want to take a year out'

British hitmaker Plan B has revealed that he plans to disappear from the world of celebrity for a while so that he can concentrate on making new music.

The 'iLL Manors' star explained to The Sun that while he enjoys the 'red carpet' treatment, it'll be great to get back to normality and bow out of the spotlight to focus on being creative again:

"I want to take a year out from being photographed and going to shows. I'm living the dream I guess, a red carpet is rolled out everywhere I go. People treat me differently."

"But the only way I can keep on making music about real life is to live in normality, and the last three years I haven't been. It's been touring, awards shows and stuff that's great fun - but I'm an artist and I need inspiring. It'll be nice to get away from that celebrity circuit."

Plan B won the 'Best Male' and 'Best Hip Hop/Grime' titles at Saturday night's (November 3) MOBO Awards in Liverpool.




Watch his newly released music video for 'Playing With Fire' below:

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