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Sam Bailey on Beyoncé ignoring her: 'Who does she think she is?'

Sam Bailey has criticised Beyoncé for not meeting her when she supported her on tour.

The singer landed a warm-up slot at the US star's gig in Birmingham in 2014 after winning the X Factor in the year prior.

However, Bailey told the Sunday Times that Beyoncé declined to rub shoulders with the Brit.

She said: "I supported Beyoncé as part of my X Factor prize, but she didn't even bother to meet me.

"I'd never do that. I'd have the decency to say hello. Who does she think she is?"

Bailey, however, added that her family weren't too keen on the superstar singer:

"When she was on stage, I was at the front, and while she was proper going for it my son spent the whole time playing Minecraft on his iPad."

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