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Selena Gomez hosts Twitter Q&A about new movie 'Getaway'

'Come & Get It' superstar Selena Gomez continues her foray into movies with a new role in an action film called 'Getaway', which also stars Ethan Hawke.

The beauty took to her official Twitter page last night to answer a series of questions sent in by fans and confessed that shooting this project made her feel 'like a badass'.

When asked what her favourite scene to film was, Gomez replied quickly and explained that it's an easy choice: "The end of the movie because it is really EPIC ending and I get to jump out of a car."

She also joked that the cast and crew didn't do anything too exciting behind-the-scenes and just ate junk food: "All we really did off camera was go to McDonalds and sleep they were long days and we shot through the night."

Her last movie role, which was in 'Spring Breakers', allowed her to transition from Disney starlet to mature actress and she added that continuing that trend was important to her: "Being able to completely transform myself and work with someone like Ethan. I have always wanted to do an action movie."






Watch the official trailer for the movie here:


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