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The Vamps' Tristan: 'I'm happiest in a recording studio'

The Vamps are set to play Canada at the Big Ticket Concert in Toronto on August 27th before continuing their mammoth 2017 world tour by jetting off to South America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and South Africa.

Drummer, Tristan Evans, spoke to Pressparty ahead of their gruelling schedule which sees them play countries they have never played before. He said:

'We're looking forward to playing new places like New Zealand and South Africa.

'I do live out of suitcases but it's really fun and, after each tour leg, we have a little break.'

During the breaks does he go home, water the plants, check on the dog, pick up the mail?

Tristan (laughing): Yes! Be normal for a bit!'

Tristan is happiest in a recording studio. He actually has one at home now. He also loves recording in Los Angeles and, after a long day in the studio, has to be coaxed out by his fellow band members to take in the sights. He confided:

"We like to bask in the sun. We like to sunbathe sometimes and try different things.

'Thankfully, some of the other band members always wanna do stuff, so it's kind of good to encourage me when I just want to stay in bed. It's good to get out and do stuff and you don't regret it at all."

One country which really opened his eyes was India, he said:

'India was a cultural eye-opener definitely, for sure. Very different but everyone seems very content which is quite nice, they're not materialistic at all. They're very genuine.

'It's kind of nice to see in the world when you go to places where a lot of people are so stuck up on things, and if you don't have an amount of money you're not accepted or whatever, but in India you're accepted for who you are which is quite cool. I love the food out there as well!'

Were they treated like gods out there?

Tristan: "Yeah, kind of! Especially if you're blond as well! I got patted on the head a few times!"

After their Canadian concert, The Vamps play Liverpool's Fusion Festival on September 3 before playing Brazil on September 17.

The tour is set to end on February 3 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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