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Adam Lambert: 'I'd love to do more acting, that would be fun'

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert has revealed that he wants to do some more acting work, but it's a matter of finding time in his schedule. 

Speaking to q104 Radio, the superstar confessed that he would love to do more television work and definitely wants to pursue that in the future:

"I did a little bit of TV a couple of years back now on 'Glee'. I did a handful of episodes and that was really fun... once I have room in my schedule, which is not going to be for a little while now, once I have less to do I'd love to do some more acting work. I think that'd be fun!"

During a recent interview with Notion magazine, the hitmaker said that he felt a need to leave the theatrics behind and be true to himself: "Now I want to be more real. Now I want to, like... I want to connect with the real stuff that's going on in my head and my heart, and my spirit. Things on this album that are really interesting... it's very dancey and it makes you want to move, but lyrically it's really dark."

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