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Adam Lambert: "The music industry is a tough market for a gay man"

Adam Lambert has opened up on the tough time gay men have in the music industry - using Ricky Martin as an example.

Speaking to Queerty, Lambert said that he reckons Ricky Martin - who came out as gay after a number of years - would have seen his career suffer if he had outed himself early on.

He added that he thinks the music industry is a "tough market" for gay men, calling it "really conservative". Speaking about Martin, he said:

"Listen, in the time that he was really popular, it would've been really hard to be out. It probably would've shot his career in the foot. The music industry in general, is a tough market for a gay man. It's really conservative. It's hard."

Lambert also took time to praise Britney Spears - who he says he "loves" - said that if she is offered a rumoured judging role on the X Factor US, it is up to her to do "whatever the f*** she wants". He added:

"I think at this point, an artist like that, with the legacy that she has, I think she should do whatever the f*** she wants to do. Everybody becomes slaves to the machine of entertainment, and sometimes you just have to do things because you feel like it."




Watch Adam Lambert perform at an intimate acoustic show below: