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Adam Lambert used "darker, moodier" subject matter on 'Trespassing' to challenge expectations

Chart-topping hitmaker Adam Lambert has admitted that one of his main goals with his new album was to shatter people's preconceptions of both him and his music.

Speaking to the Rolling Stone, the 'Better Than I Know Myself' superstar explained that penning tracks of a darker nature helped him not only to express his emotions, but to expose a different side of his personality and abilities as a musician and songwriter:

"When I first started the writing process for 'Trespassing', I was wanting to express some darker, moodier subject matter. And I did, and I held on to some of those songs and they ended up on the album. It was 'out of the box' for me."

He recently became the first openly gay artist to debut at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 200 album chart and Lambert revealed that long talks with 'Trespassing' collaborator Pharrell Williams helped him to define the route he wanted to take with the record:

"We were talking about some kind of big picture, kind of philosophical views on things and life, and the music industry and just... being. And just being your own person and just sticking to your guns. And that's how 'Trespassing' was born."




"The whole idea about creating this second album was to show more of who I am as a person and as an artist. Both to my fans that I already have and then to try to reach out to more people - a broader fan base."

Watch his newly released music video for 'Never Close Our Eyes' below: