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Adam Lambert says people today find it harder to accept flamboyance on stage

Adam Lambert says people today are finding it more difficult to accept flamboyance on stage.

Lambert is fronting Queen for a number of shows this summer and he spoke to the Daily Mail about their late singer Freddie Mercury.

The newspaper suggested similarities between the two singers due to their open sexuality, but Lambert hinted that Mercury might have had it easier as a performer.

He said he feels pop these days has now moved from being more camp to being more focused on the "macho" aspect of image. Lambert said:

"It wasn't easy for him to come out in the Seventies. But the big irony is that it was easier for him to be flamboyant when he was performing. Today it is the opposite. I'm one of the few openly gay pop artists in the States, but people find it harder to accept anything flamboyant on stage. Pop is very macho now, and the mainstream shies away from anything too camp."




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