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Pressparty meets Adam Lambert (part 2)

Billboard's sexiest male and glam idol, Adam Lambert, recently hung out with Pressparty during his promotional trip to London and had a lot to say on his new album, 'Trespassing', his social responsibilities and the success he has enjoyed to date.

The superstar has previously spoken about the pressure he feels to be a figurehead for the LGBT community, but during a brand new interview with Pressparty, he opened up about his hopes for the future where sexuality is concerned and admitted it would be great to eventually live in a world where "it doesn't matter", but he can still discuss it openly.

Talking about the public's expectations of him as a celebrity and musician, the 'Better Than I Know Myself' hitmaker, revealed that there's a divide between people who want him to stand up for certain issues and those who don't see the need for him to be a spokesperson:

"It’s funny because there’s some people that do, that do expect that – and then I think there’s just as many people that are like ‘I don’t understand why that’s the focus’. So, you know, you can’t please everybody and I pick and choose my moments and hopefully we’ll get to a point where it doesn’t matter, but I can still talk about it."

"That’s the double-edged sword about it. I do want to identify that way, publicly. In my music I’ve written about certain issues, but I think that one of the magical things about the album is that it talks about them and addresses them head on, but I think at the end of the day what it leaves the listener with is that we’re kind of all the same."

Regardless of subject matter, sexual orientation and musical style, Lambert's fans are incredibly devoted and have supported him throughout his career and even before he rose to fame after American Idol, and he stressed that they are united through the same things:




"We all want the same things, we all need the same things, we all fear the same things. We’re just different sexes, but we all kind of go through a lot of the same shit."

He also admitted that his aim with 'Trespassing' was both to embody and capture the realities of life from the 'weaknesses and struggles' to the need to cut loose and party:

"Well, I mean, the second half of it’s darker. The first half of it’s actually pretty silly. I really wanted to inspire people to dance and have a good time, and party and feel strong and fabulous and fierce and, you know, edgy and sexy, but what I wanted to do midway through the album was lift the veil and say, you know, even for someone like me who marches to my own drum and appears very confident – even I have my bad days."

"Even I have my weaknesses and my struggles – just like everybody. So I think the album’s very real in that way."

Listen to the first half of Pressparty's interview with Lambert below:



Pressparty Interview Sessions: Adam Lambert (first half).