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Adam Lambert talks to Pressparty about the creative process behind 'Trespassing'

American Idol alum, Adam Lambert, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Pressparty and opened up about the creative process behind his new album, 'Trespassing'.

The record, which is the superstar's sophomore full-length offering, will be officially released in the UK on July 9 and features collaborations from the likes of Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparro and Pharrell Williams.

We spoke to Lambert about how he dealt with working on some of the more personal songs with outside influence and he explained that having other people helping him with the tracks wasn't an issue because the ones that made the album simply "felt right":

"I mean the songs that are on the album were the ones that felt right. So there were probably a couple of other sessions of other songs that didn’t gel, but these are the ones that felt organic and felt like they were the most honest and clearest reflection of me."

"I think there’s a nice balance on the album, there’s a balance between the dark and the light. So that was important."

He performed at London's iconic G-A-Y nightclub on Saturday, June 9, and admitted that the last time he was there, he had a fantastic night and got to enjoy the venue as a party-goer, too:




"I performed there for the last album and it was really, really crazy. It was a great night, really sweaty. My musicians and I and my dancers and I we had a couple of drinks in one of the rooms there, it was fun."

When asked if there has ever been a question he's always wanted to ask his fans, the hitmaker quickly replied:

"What’s your favourite song? That’s the question. Which one do you like?"



Adam Lambert Pressparty Full-Length Interview Session (raw) by Pressparty

Watch his latest music video, for 'Never Close Our Eyes', below: