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Adele splashes the cash for her family and friends

Grammy award-winning songstress Adele has revealed that now the "cash has started trickling in" she can put it to great use and helps out her family, friends and charities. 

The 'Someone Like You' hitmaker revealed that she didn't come from money so has no use for extravagance and explained to Britain's Glamour magazine that she enjoys handing out her hard-earned pennies where she can:

"The cash has started trickling in, but I don't come from any money so I help people. I give money to charity and to friends and family."

"I have an assistant but I do my own washing. My auntie cleans for me, but I love a good clean as well."

She also joked that when she takes a much-deserved break, she won't need her assistants:

"And when all these squillion pounds come in, I'm having a f***ing break so I won't need any help."

Watch her performance of 'Turning Tables' from a recent stateside show here: