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Charlie Puth: 'I need to find someone who doesn’t care about Charlie Puth but my heart'

Charlie Puth has opened up about being ready for love. He told The Daily Telegraph:

"I’ve dated famous girls, I’ve dated not-famous girls, and I just need to find someone in the middle who doesn’t care about Charlie Puth, but cares about Charlie Puth’s heart, I guess.

"Without sounding so sappy."

Puth also spoke about how he distanced himself from some friends when he became famous. He revealed:

"I lost a lot of good friends, they just couldn’t handle [the fame] and everything that came with it.

"Some of them liked it too much."

However, he has formed a new friendship with Niall Horan: "He can tell me how he dealt with the crazy One Direction days."

He's also remained friends with Ellen DeGeneres, who signed him to her record label after his YouTube success. Her label no longer exists but they've stayed in contact.

The "See You Again" songwriter and singer recently supported Shawn Mendes on the North American leg of his world tour.

"See You Again" was written by Puth about a college friend who was killed in a motorbike accident on a bridge in Massachusetts - the same bridge on which Mendes ironically told Puth a few months later that he would have a No. 1 song one day. "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth went on to become a No. 1 hit worldwide.

The 25-year-old's new single, "How Long", is out now and his second studio album, "VoiceNotes" is scheduled for release on January 19 next year.

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