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Dua Lipa on Tough Pre-Tour Fitness Preparation

Dua Lipa has revealed that getting ready for her sixth tour for her upcoming album Radical Optimism means that she has to be strict with her diet and endure a tough fitness regime.

During a new interview with Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett, on their Dish podcast for Waitrose, the “Houdini” hitmaker explained that her pre-tour routine can be quite grueling.

Lipa, 28, said, “It’s like rehearsals, no drinking, working out, just back-to-back preparing for all the shows that are to come. Also, I haven’t like done a proper tour show for a year so I gotta get my stamina back up before I go into festivals. So, it's just running, dancing, singing, all at the same time, to make sure I can hack it once the adrenaline hits as well.”

Speaking about her eating habits while touring, the pop superstar added that they are wildly different because she needs be at her physical peak.

Once I’m in the swing of things and I have like a routine and my body is really strong and healthy - it’s just getting into stamina mode. Then afterwards I’m fine because my body’s already at a certain kind of level,” she said.

The seven-time Brit Award winner also confessed that, for her, a holiday means basing the plans around food, which comes as a welcome relief after how regimented she has to be while on the road. She added, “Everything’s based around food, like I think about the trip and then I think about the food, and I start putting it in the diary so I can book places to eat food, and my whole day revolves around food and then whatever else in between.”

Watch Dua Lipa performing “Illusion” in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge below:

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