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Biffy Clyro: 'As a band, we've been reborn'

Rockers Biffy Clyro will release their highly anticipated new album 'Ellipsis' on July 8 and they told GigWise that it's more "stripped-back" than previous full-length offerings. 

Speaking about the exciting record, the band explained that they wanted to be a little more experimental this time around and they're incredibly proud of the result:

"It’s a bit more stripped-back - a direct result of the last three albums, which were getting bigger and bigger, a big lush sound, and we just wanted to mess with the sound more this time. We worked with a new producer, Rich Costey, who really helped us bring different elements to our sound, with programming, loops or fucked up synths."

Biffy added that as a band they feel "reborn" thanks to this collection of songs: "The album is really direct, it’s the shortest record we’ve ever made, it’s to the point with great songs, we couldn’t be more proud of it. It feels like we are starting again as a band, we’ve been reborn, learning everything again for the first time, it’s exciting and that can be heard on the album."

The band will also perform at this summer's Reading and Leeds festival and confessed that their stage show will be huge: "We’ve got tentative plans. Things will kind of build as the summer goes along. Last time we had a theatrical stage set, but this time we will try and do something different, architecturally-led, sleek and simple, but still a good looking show. As each festival passes and the run-up continues we’ll add more lights."

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