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Thursday, November 3, 2016 8:07am ET by  
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Bruno Mars on clashing with Adele about a song lyric: "She was right"

"24K Magic" hitmaker Bruno Mars has revealed that when he wrote the song "All I Ask" with Adele for her latest album, they clashed over her use of the word "lovers" in the lyrics. 

Speaking to the Rolling Stone about writing with the vocal sensation, he explained that she wouldn't back down on the line "take me by the hand while we do what lovers do" despite his arguments against it, but he now agrees with her decision to just go with her gut and leave it in:

"We were aiming for that big, diva, ballad thing - that’s what I envisioned. But 'lovers'? I don’t know if anybody really says 'lovers' - 'Yeah, we’re lovers'. 'This is my lover'."

He added: "I was like, 'Should we rethink that?' But she (Adele) was so gangster about it. She was like, 'Nope. That’s what it has to be!' And she was right. It's this grand word that makes the song bigger because no one says it. Because nobody talks like that, it pops out. It's not 'what boyfriends-and-girlfriends do' - it’s this over-the-top 'lovers.'"

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Watch Adele performing "All I Ask" below:


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