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Bruno Mars reveals must-have tour playlist

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars has revealed his must-have backstage playlist.

The hitmaker is gearing up to spend the next five months on his international Moonshine Jungle Tour.

Mars needs music to motivate him backstage, and has revealed his top tracks.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “Jackson 5. There’s a lot of that backstage, too. My favourite? That’s, like, the hardest question. ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ is a good one. Or something from Michael’s Off The Wall album: ‘Burn This Disco Out,’ you know that one? I play that a lot at rehearsal, just jam that.”

Mars says some of his choices leave him giggling before his onstage reveal.

He laughed: “We’ll put on the most ratchet music you can think of backstage. ‘O Let’s Do It’ by Waka Flocka was kind of our anthem for the last tour — every night before the show it’d be that one, so we’ll probably do it again, just for comfort reasons. We’ll jump around, taking shots — ‘Alright, let’s go!’ and then the curtain opens on a bunch of 14 year old girls."





Watch Mars' video for 'When I Was Your Man' here: