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Charlotte Church continues X Factor rant with TV talent show tirade

Charlotte Church has slammed the X Factor and TV talent shows once more.

The Welsh singer recently revealed that she had been asked to join the UK X Factor - but she bluntly declined because it offered no creative input.

Speaking in a new interview with Wales on Sunday, Church continued to blast TV talent shows and their seeming reliance on "bulls**t emotional reality stories".

However, she did concede that if a series came along that focused on songwriting and talent, then she might consider a role. When asked if she would ever become a TV judge, the singer replied:

"Not unless it was a really great show which wasn't built on commercial viability and bulls**t emotional reality stories, which make people vote and make all of the rich men more money.

"If it was a show that was actually about music talent, creativity and songwriting in any way shape or form then I'd love to be a part of that. But as that doesn't seem to be available, nobody wants to seem to make that sort of show, then no."






Watch Charlotte Church's 'Water Tower' video below:


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