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Charlotte Church backs Miley Cyrus and blames her team

Charlotte Church has defended Miley Cyrus, insisting that her team should be taking more criticism.

The US star has come under fire repeatedly over last number of weeks as she promotes a raunchy image, complete with provocative twerking and nudity.

Speaking to ITV's This Morning, Church said that the people behind Cyrus should be the ones who are on the receiving end of vitriol - not so much the singer herself. She said:

"In terms of people like Miley Cyrus etc, I think it's really sad that it's only her that's blamed. If we're particularly talking about that Miley Cyrus [VMAs] performance - you've got to remember that that would have gone through tens of people and advisers and lots of people that she worked with."

The Welsh singer added: "She makes a lot of money for a lot of people and therefore they won't let her make mistakes and she's really young and she's only little and everybody does stupid stuff when they're younger. I just think it's really sad how people are really attacking her because it's the industry, it's the societal problem, more than Miley Cyrus's personal issues."






Watch Miley Cyrus go naked for her 'Wrecking Ball' video below: