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Cheryl Cole: 'I have one cheat day where I eat cupcakes and doughnuts'

'Call My Name' beauty Cheryl Cole has revealed that in order to keep her slim figure she likes to allow herself 1 'cheat day' per week so that she's not tempted to indulge in unhealthy foods regularly.

Speaking to about how she maintains a healthy diet and trim physique, the songstress explained that she makes sure she treats herself so that she never feels the strains of being on a diet:

“I’m not eating McDonald’s and pizza every day, but I do allow myself one cheat day a week, I have a really sweet tooth and love cupcakes and doughnuts."

Last year, Cole opened up about her eating plan to Hello magazine and confessed that there's no such thing as being able to eat whatever you want and having a body like hers: "I don't care what anyone tells you there is no such thing as being able to eat whatever you want. I think it's really important to eat healthily and it makes such a difference to your energy."






Watch an interview with Cole from earlier this year here: