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David Guetta: "I'm not trying to be credible, I'm trying to be in-credible"

Superstar DJ, David Guetta, has spoken to The Independent about how when he first started, he attracted a lot of criticism. He said:

"At the beginning of house music, it was all about being credible. When I started to make music and cross over I started to receive some criticism. So I said, ‘look, I’m not trying to be credible, I’m trying to be in-credible'.

"I think anybody that is going to do something a bit out of the box is always going to be criticised, but at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters.

"You can be a good little boy who follows the rules, but you’re never going to do anything interesting with your life. I make the music that I believe in, the music that I love, that I wanna share with people. And I’m not forcing anyone to listen to it." 

Guetta's latest single, "2U" features Justin Bieber. Guetta is currenty working on his next album, even though he admits he questions how relevant it is, from a business perspective, to make a record today, he'll do it as he wants to.

David Guetta's Ibiza residency at Ushuaïa Ibiza continues until August 28.

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