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Eminem on social media: 'I don't want to be ignorant, but it's a negative thing to indulge in'

Rapper Eminem has given his opinion on social media as a music superstar and admitted that he tries to ignore it because it's very negative and can destroy people. 

During a new interview with the Rolling Stone, he explained that while he's very aware of Twitter and other social networking outlets, he doesn't allow himself to get sucked in because there's a huge amount of criticism floating around online and it's a bad thing to get drawn into:

"I really try not to pay attention. Put it this way: I want to keep my finger on the pulse of what's going on, so I don't want to be ignorant in that sense. But at the same time I can't pay attention to what everyone's saying."

"I would never be able to make music, I don't think, if I just got caught up in that. 'Cause I would probably get caught up in some ugly arguments with people. 'Yo, drive to my house now. What the blip?' It would consume a lot of my time and it would be very counterproductive to do that."

The 'Lose Yourself' heavyweight then added: "But I still do. And that's what's f**ked up."

Meanwhile, he landed at No.1 today (November 6) during the UK midweek albums chart update with his brand new record, 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2'. The final positions will be confirmed this coming Sunday, November 10. 






Watch Eminem's music video for 'Survival' below: